Building Inspections

This page explains the process for building inspections and why they are an important part of your building project.

What Inspections are Required for my Consent?

The officer processing your application will do an assessment to determine what inspections will be necessary so that the Council can verify that the building work has been done according to consented documents.  Every building consent is granted subject to the condition that the building work is inspected.  A list of inspections and requirements for each inspection will be attached to the building consent. If you believe anything on the inspection list is incorrect, please contact Council as soon as possible.

Please ensure that you read the inspection requirements and are familiar with them before starting building work.

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Why do I need Inspections?

Inspections are a means of being satisfied that the building is compliant with the Building Consent conditions and the Building Code. They are not intended to replace advice from your designer or trades people.

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Booking Inspections

Once your Building Consent is issued by Council, a list of required inspections will be included in your building consent documentation. You need to book these inspections as each stage of work is completed. 

A minimum of 2 working days notice is required, Inspections will then be allocated on an “as available” basis.

The Tasman District area is divided up to manage inspections.  Area contact details and times for booking inspections are shown below:

  • phone 03 543 8552 for Richmond - Inspections are available Monday to Friday 8.00am- 4.30pm
  • phone 0800 543 852 for Motueka - Inspections are available Monday to Friday 8.00am- 4.30pm
  • phone 0800 543 852 for Golden Bay - Inspections are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10.15- 4.30pm 
  • phone 0800 543 852 for Murchison Lakes - Inspections are available Tuesday and Thursday 9.00am- 3.30pm.

Free Text Alerts

We offer a free text service to let you know when we are booking inspections for more than 2 working days in advance. To register, please email with your contact mobile number.

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Information You Need When Booking an Inspection

When you make your booking, you will need to supply the following information:

  • The name and contact phone number of the person who will be on-site at the time of the inspection
  • Your building consent number
  • The site location/address
  • The type of inspection required
  • Date of inspection and whether morning or afternoon required

We will text you the day before to confirm an estimated time of arrival for the inspector to be onsite. 

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Onsite Requirements for Inspections

We need to ensure the safety of our staff; we request that clear access is provided for the inspector to carry out their inspection.

All building consent documents and any approved amendments must be provided in hard copy on-site at the time of inspection.

Any relevant people/person relating to the building work or specific insepction is to be onsite for the inspection. For example, a drainlayer may want to be onsite for a drainage sewer/stormwater inspection.

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Inspection Cancellation fee

It is important to us to deliver a timely and efficient building inspection service. It's always a bit of a juggle to match building job complexity with technical competency, and to get the right person in the right place at the right time for the job.

We cannot emphasise enough the need to be certain work will be complete on the day - so we are giving you the option to cancel early without incurring any extra costs.

Cancel by 2.00pm the day before the booking - no charge

Cancellation after 2.00pm will incur a cancellation fee. Any inspections we encounter not ready at the time of inspection will result in a failed inspection and will incur the standard re-inspection fee.

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Inspection Types

  • Preconstruction meeting
  • Prepour – prior to pouring foundations – check siting / site / footings / foundation / reinforcing tect
  • Pool Prepour – for a pool only application and prior to pouring concrete
  • Wastepipes – inspection of wastepipes prior to pouring a floor slab or inspections of services below a timber floor prior to installing the floor
  • Floor Slab – prior to pouring the slab
  • Garage Slab – inspection prior to pouring the garage slab - for garage only applications
  • Blockwork – inspection of blockwork construction  - blockwork foundations for single storey construction can be undertaken under Prepour
  • External tanking – inspection of an external water proofing system either below or above ground and includes associated drainage systems
  • Specific design panelised wall or roof system
  • Sub-Floor Framing
  • Framing / Prewrap – inspection of framing prior to installing wrap or roof
  • Concrete / Tilt Panel / Steel Frame – inspection of aspects of SED elements
  • Post Wrap
  • Deck / Roof membrane – inspection of membrane systems
  • Pre-plaster
  • Half-High Brick – includes inspection of shelf angles etc
  • Garage Preline – inspection of framing structure for garage only inspections
  • Preline Plumbing
  • Preline Building
  • Postline
  • Internal Membrane
  • Drainage
  • Chimney Inbuilt
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Retaining Wall
  • P+D Final
  • Building Final
  • Garage Final
  • Marquee
  • Sewer / Stormwater Connection

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What happens in an onsite inspection?

The building inspector assigned to the inspection will visit the site to inspect your building work. We need to ensure there is safe access to the area that is being inspected.

The inspector will:

  • verify the construction to the consented documents
  • complete an inspection checklist and let you know the outcome of the inspection.

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Inspection Results

If the work passes

The inspector will advise the person onsite that the inspection has passed and work can continue.

If the work fails

The work to be remedied will be recorded on the site inspection sheet, which will be emailed to the contact person on site at the end of the day.  A re-inspection may be required to sign off any remedial work. 

The following may also occur:

  • Work may have to stop
  • Work will be allowed to continue under certain conditions (conditional continuation)
  • You may be asked to apply for amendment to the building consent in order to achieve compliance with the building code
  • If there has been a serious breach of the Building Act 2004 or regulations, Council may issue a notice to fix

You will be charged for re-inspections and this will need to be paid before the code compliance certificate can be issued.

Notice to Fix

This is a formal notice issued by the building consent authority, advising that certain works have not been carried out in accordance with the building code. If issued, a letter explaining the process will accompany it.

If a notice to fix is issued, you are required to address the issues identified within a prescribed time frame to prevent further action being taken.  A notice to fix may require to you stop work or impose conditional continuation of works.

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Final Inspection

Please refer to our Code Compliance Certificate information.

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