Warm Tasman - Voluntary Rate - Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to answer questions about the Tasman District Council financial assistance offer for insulation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Service Provider? 

Service Providers are those who have entered into an agreement with the Council to deliver insulation and clean heating upgrades. They are subject to product specification, performance and auditing controls by EECA (the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority).  

The Council recognised Service Providers are:

Absolute Energy Ltd www.absoluteenergy.co.nz
Air Con Nelson Limited www.airconnelson.co.nz
Kiwi Insulation www.kiwi-insulation.co.nz
Days Plumbing 2012 www.days.co.nz

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Am I eligible? 

  • You must be the ratepayer for the house, and up-to-date with your rate payments.
  • For insualtion, the house must have been built before 2000.
  • For home heating upgrades, you must be replacing a non-clean air solid fuel burner with a clean heat option and you must be in the Richmond Airshed.
  • You must use a council recognised service provider.

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How much money can I get? 

The maximum of $3,500 is available for insulation. 

The amount available for a home heating up-grade is $4000.

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If I apply, how long will it take for my application to be approved? 

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible; within five working days is all that is required for processing.

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What Kind of Insulation Can I Get? 

There are different types of insulation products available and your local service providers will be able to give you information about the best products for your needs. Insulation options include fibreglass, polyester, mineral fibre, wool and polystyrene (under floor only).

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What is a Clean Heating System? 

Heating appliances that produce little or no air pollution and are efficient to run are often called Clean Heating Systems. For homeowners in the Richmond Airshed there are a variety of  systems that qualify as compliant wood burners. 

Wood burners all have different characteristics and prices, so talk to your service provider about your situation. The clean heating appliance options include:

  • approved solid-fuel wood burners; 
  • approved wood-pellet burners;
  • ENERGY STAR – qualified heat pumps

You can get more information about

Installation of woodburners and pellet fires requires building consent.

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Tasman District Council’s assistance offer 

The Council’s voluntary targeted rate offer is available to ratepayers in conjunction with the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme. The amount applied for is paid back (with interest and a $260 admin fee) over nine years along with the property’s rates. To see what you might be paying back, look at the table below.

Assistance* based on 6.1 per cent interest
Assistance $3500.00 $4000.00 $7500.00
Per annum cost $652.07 $739.57 $1352.07
Per Instalment $163.02 $184.89 $338.02
9-year total $5856.89 $6656.09 $12168.59

This increase on your rates will not start until a new rates year. Please note that these amounts can change on 1 July.

*Includes GST

Note – if after the  Council assistance there is still an amount owing, this is your responsibility. The interest rate is set annually by council and is subject to change.

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Do I have to do both insulation and the clean heating upgrade at the same time? 

No - you can do your insulation first then your heating upgrade after that. Note that Warm Tasman will be reviewed again in a year.

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Who gets the money? 

The Council will pay the money directly to your Service Provider. 

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How do I pay it back? 

The Council will charge a “targeted rate” on your regular rates bill over a period of nine years.

How much will I repay?

You will repay the original amount that Council paid, its interest costs of borrowing the money (6.1% interest in the first year) and an administration fee of $260) . The interest rate is set once per year and subject to change.

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Can I pay it back early? 

Please contact us  or phone Customer Services 03 543 8400 for further information about whether this is an option for you.

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How do I know how much I have left to pay? 

Please contact us  or phone Customer Services 03 543 8400 to discuss the outstanding balance.

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Can I cancel my application if I change my mind? 

You must inform Tasman District Council before the installation is commenced and before the installer invoices Tasman District Council (so we don’t pay them).

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What happens when I sell my house? Do I have to pay the outstanding balance? 

The rate stays with the house and this rate, along with the Warm Tasman insulation or clean heating solution, continues to stay with the house.   You will be required to inform the purchaser of your property of this targeted rate (this is usually done through your solicitor). The rate will be notified on your property’s Land Information Memorandum.  You can also contact us to see if an option for a lump sum payment is available for you before your property is sold.

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I have more than one house on my property. Can I get funding assistance for each? 

Yes you can apply if each house is on a separate rates account.

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