Woodburners and Solid Fuel Heaters

This page will give you information about Tasman District Council's requirements for woodburners and tell you how to apply for a woodburner building consent (sometimes known as a fire permit).

Rules for Woodburners

All wood burners installed indoors after 1 September 2005, on a property less than 2 hectares anywhere in the District, must comply with the Ministry for the Environment's National Environment Standards for Air Quality (NES). This NES requires woodburners to meet an emission limit of less than 1.5 g/kg (grams of particulate per kilogram of wood burnt) and an efficiency of greater than 65 percent.

Special Rules for Woodburners in the Richmond Airshed

As part of a project to combat poor air quality in Richmond over winter, there are stricter requirements for woodburners installed in Richmond properties.

Applying for a Building Consent

Please see the About the building consent process for more information.

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