Keeping Chickens and Other Animals

This page explains basic rules for keeping chickens and other animals on properties in residential areas.

Quick Guide: Chickens

  1. You can keep up to six chickens in a residential area, provided that they are kept in an enclosure.
  2. The enclosure must be set back at least 2m from boundaries and 10m from dwellings on adjoining sites.
  3. Roosters are not permitted in a Residential Zone.
  4. Chickens must also remain on your property, along with any waste or manure.

Other Animals

Rules for animals in Residential zones are part of the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP). Section 17.1 of the Plan sets out the Residential Zone rules, which state:


(h) No more than two dogs are kept.
(i) No more than six domestic fowls are kept.
(j) Fowls are kept only in an enclosure set back at least 2 metres from boundaries and 10 metres from dwellings on adjoining sites.
(k) No rooster, pig, or goat is kept.
(l) No more than two beehives are kept.

Full zone rules are listed in Chapter 17 of the Tasman Resource Management Plan. Note that rural areas may have different rules.

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