Trees and Vegetation

We get lots of calls each year regarding overhanging trees and vegetation on footpaths and public space. This page will help answer common questions about trees and vegetation.

Trees and Neighbours

Property owners are responsible for the upkeep of their own property. However trees and vegetation can be a common area of disagreement and dispute between neighbouts.

We suggest that you talk openly to your neighbours and/or other parties involved: it is often the best way to resolve issues relating to property and boundary vegetation and give them time to think about your suggestions. They may be happy to help with any work needed to solve the problem if it will save them money.

The Property Law Act covers your rights and obligations regarding trees on private property.

Community Responsibility

The Council is responsible for maintaining the trees and vegetation in the districts parks and reserves, on Council-owned land and in public places, including Tasman roads and roadside vegetation.

In other cases, where the plants are on private land, we contact the property owner to ask them to trim the offending vegetation or trees within 30 days.

Contact Customer Services to advise Council on any issue regarding trees and vegetation

Protected Trees

The Tasman District has a valuable heritage and amenity tree collection.  Increased development in our region is placing many of these special trees at risk. The tree protection policy of the Tasman Resource Management Plan is aimed at safeguarding our significant trees from damage or unnecessary removal.

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