Project Information Memorandum

This page explains when a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) might be required for a specific project and how to apply. 

A PIM is voluntary, but highly recommended. If you choose to apply for a Building Consent only, a Territorial Authority (TAN) check will be completed instead. This follows a similar procedure, and costs the same as a PIM.

Obtaining a PIM prior to lodging a Building Consent application can help save delays or expensive plan changes by highlighting potential Resource Consent issues.  For example, rather than applying for a resource consent, a decision may be made to instead move the building away from the affected boundary.

A PIM is a report relating to a specific project on a property. It discloses information that may affect approval for a proposed building project, such as:

  • erosion
  • falling debris
  • subsidence
  • slippage
  • flooding
  • presence of hazardous material
  • whether a Resource Consent is required
  • whether other laws affect the site; e.g. heritage building / sites
  • details of surface water and wastewater
  • whether a Development Contribution fee is required
  • whether the proposed use of the building will require an evacuation scheme approved by the New Zealand Fire Service.

The PIM provides either:

  • Confirmation that building work may be done, subject to the requirements of the Building Consent and provided that all other necessary authorisations have been obtained; or
  • Notification that building work may not be done because necessary authorisation has been refused, even though a Building Consent may have been issued.

PIM Application Form

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