Where Your Rates Go

This page provides a breakdown of the percentage of property rates that contribute to each of the service areas provided by the Tasman District Council..

In addition to our environmental management role we provide a wide range of services to the District’s residents, businesses, and visitors to Tasman. The  graph shows the proportion of rates to be collected for these services over the next 10 years.

Chart - where rates go

The percentages of spending for each of the major activities are:

  • Environment and Planning 14%
  • Community Development 13%
  • Parks and Reserves 7%
  • Other 5%
  • Solid Waste 4%
  • Stormwater 6%
  • Transportation 22%
  • Wastewater 14%
  • Water Supply 15%

Note: In addition to rates, the Council receives revenue from other sources including, development and financial contributions, subsidies, grants, investment income and user charges.

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