Rating Valuations

Rating Valuations

Rating valuations are primarily undertaken to provide a basis for rating properties within the Tasman District. This page explains how valuations are calculated and how often they are completed.

How are Rating Valuations Calculated?

To calculate a rating valuation, sales of comparable properties are analysed to determine movement levels per type and location. Rental levels, production and yield rates are also collated through the market place. Using mass appraisal techniques, values are then adjusted to reflect movement levels against the former rating valuation.

Capital value includes the value of both the land and any improvements on the property. The value is an estimation of what price would be paid for a property as at the date of the most recent general revaluation. Land value is the estimated price of the bare land as at the date of the most recent revaluation.

Tasman District Council's general rate is based on the capital value of a property although there are some targeted rates that are applied based on land value.

When Are Rating Valuations Done?

A general revaluation is carried out once every three years which is audited by the Office of the Valuer-General.

The latest revaluation was carried out in the Tasman District in September 2017 by Quotable Value who provide valuations to the Council under contract.  The next revaluation will occur in 2020, and this will impact rates from 2021-2022.

Valuations remain valid for three years unless there is a change to the property through a building consent, subdivision or resurvey.

2017 Property Revaluations

This page contains information on 2017 property revaluations for the Tasman District.

More Information

For further information on rating valuations you can contact the Rates Office 03 543 8400, or Council's valuation service provider Quotable Value on 0800 787 284.