Resource Consents

Resource consents are needed whenever you want to undertake activities that might affect your neighbours, your wider community or your environment. Consents are granted under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), which requires local councils to ensure that effects on the environment are managed sustainably.  

There are several types of resource consent:

  • land-use consents, such as buildings
  • subdivision consents, such as dividing up or changing boundaries on a property
  • water permits, such as taking water from a bore, or surface or ground water
  • discharge permits, such as contaminants being discharged to air, land, or water
  • coastal permits, such as structures or activities taking place below the mean high tide level
  • works on waterways, such as bridges and culverts.

This section helps you learn about these consents -  what they are, how they work, when you need one, how to apply for one and how to manage one. You'll also find information about resource consent applications that have been publicly notified.

This section helps you learn about resource consents.

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