Resource Consents

If you want to develop your land or buildings in the Tasman District, you may need resource consent. This section helps you learn about resource consents -  when you need one, how to apply for one and how to manage one. You'll also find information about resource consent applications that have been publicly notified.

The Resource Consent Process

Follow the process of applying for a resource consent. Find out about getting or providing 'written approval'. Learn about the notified consent process including making a submission and attending hearings.

Resource Consent Search

Search for existing resource consents or check progress of a resource consent application using this tool.

Information for Major Projects

Find out who to talk to if you are planning a major project in the Tasman District.

Managing Your Resource Consent

See how to manage your resource consent, including annual costs and how to make changes.

Glossary of Resource Consent Terms

See a glossary of words and terms related to resource consents.

Water Resource Management

Find out how the water resource is managed and about rules and restrictions for getting access to water. Also get information on water users' responsibilities, particularly during summer, and read about the work of the Dry Weather Taskforce.

This section helps you learn about resource consents.

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