Cyclone Gita - Update from the Recovery Manager 16 March

Read the latest from the Recovery Manager, plus details of increasing access to SH60 over Takaka Hill.

Learn about Resource Consents

The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) is New Zealand’s primary piece of legislation that sets out how we should manage our environment. It is based on the principle of sustainable management which involves considering effects our activities have on the environment now and in the future when making resource management decisions.

As well as managing air, soil, fresh water and coastal marine areas, the RMA regulates land use and the provision of infrastructure which are integral components of New Zealand’s planning system.

  •  When the council considers your application for resource consent, it follows the processes set out in the RMA.

The Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP) is the Council’s combined district and regional plan. It contains objectives, policies and methods, including rules, to manage issues affecting people and communities, ecosystems, land, rivers, air and water. The rules state whether an activity is permitted, meaning you can do it as of right, or whether it requires a resource consent.

  • When the council considers your application for resource consent, it follows the rules, assessment matters, objectives and policies set out in the TRMP, as well as the National Environment Standards.


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