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Do I need a Resource Consent?

This page explains when you may need a resource consent.

You'll definitely need a Resource Consent if...

You'll definitely need a consent if you're planning on one of the following activities:

  • Building in a location or a manner that breaks the rules of the Tasman Resource Management Plan - for example, building over a height limit, or too close to a boundary
  • Building a first dwelling in the Rural 1 or Rural 3 Zone
  • Subdividing a property
  • Adjusting the boundaries of a property
  • Building a second dwelling on a property
  • Building in the coastal environment area
  • Large scale water takes
  • Discharging contaminants to land, air or water
  • Planning an activity that isn't permitted for the zone - for example, opening a commercial shop in a residential area.

  • Find out more about how to apply

You won't need a Resource Consent if...

  • Your planned activity meets all the rules of the Tasman Resource Management Plan and the National Enviroment Standards
  • If you'd like formal confirmation of that, you can apply for a "Certifcate of Compliance" - Council will review your plan and confirm in writing that it complies with the TRMP.
  • Your planned activity breaks a boundary rule, but no other rules are involved; the boundary isn't owned by the Crown or council; and all the affected parties have given written approval.  As of 18 October 2017, if you meet all these criteria, you can apply for a "Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity".  An example might be if you're building a garage that comes too close to your property boundary, but your neighbour has agreed that it's acceptable and provided written approval.

  • Download an application form for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity

Still not sure whether you need a Resource Consent?

The final word as to whether you need a Resource Consent sits with the Tasman Resource Management Plan - but of course, talking to one of our Consent Planners is a quick way to find out what you need to know.  if you're not sure whether you need a consent, you can:

We strongly encourage you talk to us about your project.