Before you Apply for Resource Consent, Talk to Us

If you think you may need a Resource Consent, we recommend you talk to us before you submit your application.

We can assist you to make informed decisions about your application and avoid unnecessary delays and costs in its processing by ensuring you:

  • Understand the process;
  • Know how to prepare your application;
  • Know who you should be talking to about your project and what expert assistance you might need;
  • Identify any issues that you may need to address in your application;
  • Confirm whether you need any other Council consents, permits or licenses.

Planning advice is not a substitute for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and should not be relied upon in making property purchase decisions. A LIM should be obtained in order for you to access all relevant information the Council knows about a property.

What help is available?

There are three main options for obtaining information and guidance. For more detail on these options, you can download a Duty Planning and Pre Application Advice Brochure (pdf, 1.2 MB).

  • Duty Planning Advice
  • Duty Planning Advice (complex)
  • Pre-Application Advice

If you're undertaking a major project such as new urban developments or buildings, 'greenfield' subdivisions or a prominent or strategic development, you may also be able to get help from the Urban Design Panel.

Duty Planning Advice

For general enquiries and/or straightforward proposals at a very preliminary stage, you can talk to one of our Duty Planners free of charge for up to 30 minutes.

Phone us on 03 543 8400 or email and ask for either:

  • an appointment for a face-to-face meeting at any of our offices in Richmond, Motueka or Takaka;
  • the duty planner to call you back when they are available; or,
  • the duty planer to email you a response to your enquiry.

If your enquiry is complex, the Duty Planner may suggest that you request more formal pre-application advice.

Duty Planning Advice (complex)

Sometimes the Duty Planner's response to your proposal will require technical input from a number of Council staff.

In this case, they will need some written information on your ideas and initial plans/sketches.

The Duty Planner will then provide you with a summary of planning information plus advice from other staff identifying any issues that may relate to your proposal.

We aim to provide you with your pre-application advice within five working days, subject to the availability of specialist staff.

Pre-Application Advice

Pre-application meetings are individually tailored to allow you to discuss more complex proposals in person with the relevant staff.

Consider requesting a pre-application meeting before or at the design stage for the following types of projects:

  • Multi-lot subdivision
  • Commerical proposals
  • Activities in the coastal marine area
  • Hazard-prone land
  • Requires Council staff input from a number of different departments
  • Land use that is not permitted under the Zone rules (eg. child care centres, visitor accommodation, petrol stations and animal boarding facilities)

We will advise you of the timeframe for the Pre-Application meeting, depending on the availability of the relevant staff.

What happens in Pre-Application?

  • You complete an online Pre-Application request, telling us as much as you can about your project
  • We will assign a Lead Overseer at Council
  • The Lead Overseer will assemble a team of experts who are most likely to need to contribute advice
  • We will set up a meeting with all interested parties, usually within two weeks
  • In the leadup to the meeting, the assigned experts will review your proposal
  • In the meeting, we will advise you about any matters of concern, or things that will need to be addressed in your application.
  • After the meeting, the Lead Overseer will provide you with a written record of recommendations and advice.

How much does Pre-Application cost?

The cost of a Pre-Application meeting differs depending on the complexity of your project.

First 30 minutes of the meeting is free; however staff costs pre and post meeting will be incorporated into the total cost of the meeting. Time is charged for preparation prior to the meeting, administration costs and any further research or advice (if applicable) post meeting.

Please refer to the Building and Resource Consent Fee Schedules for staff charge-out rates.

Pre-Application is not pre-approval

Council staff will give their professional opinion on the proposal and provide guidance where possible. However, the meeting is not intended to pre-empt the outcome of the resource consent process.  We will not be able to confirm whether your resource consent will be approved, whether it needs to be notified, or whether it has any affected parties; these decisions cannot be made until a complete application has been received and assessed. Once lodged the application will need to be assessed against the requirements of the Resource Management Act. 

Please note that any resource consent application that you make on this matter must be complete in its own right – none of the information provided in this pre-application request will be included in, or considered as part of, any subsequent application.

Request a Pre-Application Meeting

To request a Pre-Application meeting, please fill out the online pre-application request and upload any supporting documentation.