Publicly Notified Resource Consent Applications

This section is for publicly notified resource consents, and follows the consent applications through the hearing and decision process.

Applications Open for Submissions

The Tasman District Council has received applications for resource consent as detailed below. The applications and supporting information may be examined in the main office of the Council (Richmond), the Motueka Office, the Golden Bay Office and the Murchison Office during normal office hours.

Applications Awaiting Hearings

The following applications are now closed to submissions, and are each awaiting a hearing and then a Council decision. Documents relating to these applications are available for viewing prior to the hearing. Documents that may be circulated after the hearing are also available.

Applications Awaiting Decisions

This section lists applications that have had hearings, and await decisions.

Who May Make a Submission?

Any person or organisation may make a submission on a publicly notified resource consent application.

Read more about making a submission

Download a submission form:

Form for Submission on Resource Consent Application