2015 Notified Resource Consent Decisions

This page lists archived 2015 Notified Resource Consent Decisions.

Gunsboro Ltd - Water Take from the Waingaro River

Decision Released 9 December 2015 to take water from the Waingaro River at rates of 76 litres per second, 42,250 cubic metres per week for the irrigation of 141 hectares of pasture (and if granted, to be amalgamated with existing permit RM030073). Decision currently subject of appeal.

Resource Consent for Waimea Community Dam - Lee Valley

Decision Released 26 February 2015 for Resource Consents to allow the construction, operation and maintenance of a dam and associated infrastructure on the Lee River in Tasman District, as part of the Waimea Water Augmentation Project.

Tasman District Council - Upgrade of Motueka Wastewater Treatment Plant

Decision Released 20 November 2015 for Resource Consents for various improvements to upgrade the existing Motueka Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Trewavas - Land Use Consents at 73 Wildman Road, Motueka

Decision Released 18 November 2015 for Resource Consents to cancel consent notice CN9284695.8, which prohibits a dwelling being constructed on Lot 2 DP 459785 and to construct a dwelling on Lot 2 DP 459785 in a Rural 1 Zone. The consent notice was imposed as a condition of consent for subdivision RM080525 to mitigate adverse effects on Rural 1 land from fragmentation of productive land.