The Integrity Care Group Ltd - Olive Estate Lifestyle Village (109 Wensley Rd, Richmond)

A decision on these applications has been released dated 24 February 2014. A formal hearing was held 18 to 20 November.

The Committee has granted resource consents, subject to conditions, to establish and operate a lifestyle village, to subdivide land, and to undertake earthworks.

Application Details

Submissions Close: Friday 27 September 2013 (4.30pm)

A copy of the application documents can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page, or may be requested by contacting the Consents Administration Officer at the Tasman District Council offices (03 543 8400).


The Integrity Care Group Limited

Applicant’s Address for Service

Incite (Nelson) Limited, PO Box 1105, Nelson 7040, Attention: Gary Rae


109 Wensley Road, Richmond

Legal Description

Lots 2, 3 Deeds 1763 and Part Lot 4 Deeds 1763

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal

Land Use Consent (Application RM120928)

To construct and operate a lifestyle village for people aged 55 years and over. The staged development comprises:

  • between 106 (Option 2) to 112 (Option 1) single-storey villas, 30 two-storey terraced houses, and 3 apartment blocks (containing 26 apartments in total within 2 x two-storey blocks and 1 x three-storey block);
  • a care facility including a rest home, dementia ward and hospital care and 58 apartments;
  • a commercial and community precinct made up of the Olive Market and Lake House development. The Olive Market will contain a café, small general store, sales office, multi-purpose medical rooms, offices and a small destination store such as an art gallery. The Lake House building will contain function rooms, library, media studio, a clubhouse, craft area, pool and small gymnasium. This will be provided as a service to residents of Olive Estate as well as to the local community;
  • village green, pond, associated landscaping and car parking provisions.

Subdivision Consent (Application RM130346)

Boundary adjustment to provide for the commercial and community precinct as Lot 1, and the balance of the lifestyle village on Lot 2. The main through road will be established as a right of way open to the public.

Land Disturbance Consent (Application RM130347)

The soil disturbance and earthworks including the creation of the road network, building platforms and from reshaping the stormwater retention pond.

Application, Staff Reports and Expert Evidence

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