2016 Notified Resource Consent Decisions

This page lists archived 2016 Notified Resource Consent Decisions.

Allied Petroleum Limited

Decision Released 11 March 2016 for Resource Consent to erect an off-site plinth sign for an Allied Petroleum truck stop facility in Artillery Place, Richmond.

Brown-Smart - Subdivision - Mahana

Subdivision Application for two lots within the Rural 2 Zone in Mahana.

Harakeke 2015 Limited - Rural 3 Subdivision

Resource Consent Applications in the Rural 3 Zone to create 130 rural residential-style allotments; 55 apartment allotments; 2 commercial premises.

Tasman District Council - Global Discharge of Herbicide in Flood Channels Consent

Decision Released 11 January 2016 for Resource Consents to discharge herbicides for the purpose of controlling woody weed growth within flood channels for all rateable sections of rivers and streams and their margins, within the jurisdictional boundary of Tasman District,.

Tasman District Council - Global River Works Consent

Decision Released 2 March 2016 for Resource Consents to undertake works to fulfill responsibilities the Council has as a Catchment Board under the Soil Conservation & River Control Act 1941 (SCRCA).