Harakeke 2015 Limited (Rural 3 Subdivision) - Amended Application Documents

As a guide to understanding the revised information please read the Revised AEE first before reading the balance of documents.

To enable readers to readily differentiate new material from that which has been retained for context, the updated material within the AEE is identified in red text where it is particularly important or notable. Further, where notable deletions have been made these are shown in red strikeout text to illustrate elements of the original proposal that are no longer proposed or relevant.

Summary of key changes are:

  • Ninety-six allotments;
  • Approximately 8 of the allotments are of a size (more than 2 hectares) that will allow productive activities; 
  • A 31.19 hectare productive horticultural block;
  • Six large lots (to be amalgamated in some cases) that will be planted for productive and rural character outcomes; and
  • all components of the commercial and medium-density residential proposal have been removed and the proposal now does not have a commercial component.

Amended Application Documents - 12 July 2016