Harakeke 2015 Limited (Rural 3 Subdivision)

A copy of the Tasman District Council Further Information Request and associated staff comments on the original application as lodged can be downloaded from this page or may be requested by contacting the Consents Administration Officer at the Tasman District Council offices (03 543 8400).

The staff comments posted here were the groundwork for the further information request or have been made in response to the further information supplied by the applicant. 

Readers should note that the amended application provided to Council prior to public notification does address many of the points or queries that were raised by Tasman District Council staff, therefore some of the comments have been overtaken by the amended application.

Readers should refer to the full application details, and in particular to Document A: Response to Further Information to see how the applicant has responded to the matters raised in the further information request.

Most of the points raised, or views expressed in these preliminary staff comments were based on the application that was first lodged.  Further assessments will be made of the amended application taking account of submissions on it, later in the application process.

Further Information Request Documents