2017 Notified Resource Consent Decisions

This page lists archived 2017 Notified Resource Consent Decisions.

Boomerang Farm Limited - Subdivision - Moutere Highway

Subdivision application to create 135 new residential lots varying between 5800m2 and 5.5ha in area, in the Rural 3 Zone

Eastwood Hill Limited - Rural 3 Subdivision

Rural 3 Subdivision to create eight lots between 0.34 hectares and 5.7 hectares.

New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc - Motorhome-Caravan Park - Motueka

To establish and operate a park for self-contained motorhomes and caravans, accommodating up to 70 vehicles.

Overview Limited - Land Use - Mapua

Resource consents to construct and operate commercial storage buildings in the Rural 1/Deferred Residential Zone at Mapua.

Talley's Group Limited - Port Motueka

Resource Consents associated with the operation of the fish processing and food manufacturing plant at Port Motueka.