Eastwood Hill Limited (Pomona Road, Ruby Bay)

Submissions Closed Monday 20 February 2017

Update 27 July 2017 – Decision

  • Following the closure of the submission period in February 2017, this application was further amended by the applicant reducing the number of allotments to be created by the proposed subdivision to seven.
  • As a result of that reduction in the scale of the proposal, a hearing was not required. Consent was granted on 27 July 2017.

RM160369 - Decision - 27 July 2017

Application Details


Eastwood Hill Limited

Applicant’s Address for Service

C/- Newton Survey, 8 Salisbury Road, Richmond 7020


382 Pomona Road, Ruby Bay

Legal Description

Lot 28 DP 717

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal

Subdivision (Application RM160369)

To subdivide an 8.46 hectare allotment in the Rural 3 Zone to create eight lots (Lots 1-7 and 9), with areas varying in size between 0.34 hectares and 5.7 hectares.

Land Use (Application RM160437)

To erect a dwelling on each of proposed Lots 1-7.

Earthworks (Application RM160436)

For earthworks associated with the construction of rights of way, building platforms, vehicle accesses and a stormwater detention pond.

To disturb soil that is subject to the National Environmental Standard (NES) for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to protect Human Health.

NES (RM160550)

To subdivide land that is subject to the National Environment Standard (NES) for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to protect Human Health.

Stormwater Discharge (RM160426)

To discharge stormwater from the right of way and building sites to land.

Wastewater Discharges (RM160427-RM160435)

To discharge wastewater to land on each of Lots 1-7, with reserve disposal fields for Lots 2-7 to be on proposed Lot 1.

Stormwater Discharges (RM160551-RM160557)

To discharge stormwater from each of proposed Lots 1-7.

The application site is within the Rural 3 Zone as defined in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.



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