Applications Awaiting Hearings

The following applications are now closed to submissions, and are either awaiting a hearing or are in hearing. Documents relating to these applications are available for viewing prior to the hearing. Once the hearing is closed then the page for the application will be moved to the Awaiting Decisions page.

Pakawau Community Residents' Association proposed seawall

Resource consents are sought for a 345m long rock revetment-type seawall at Pakawau Beach Esplanade Reserve and the coastal marine area. Submissions are closed and the application is awaiting a hearing

Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit

Submissions Closed: 4:30pm on Friday 23 March 2018. We have not set a date for the Hearing yet.

Drummond - Subdivision - Waimea West

Greenways - Subdivision - Takaka

Subdivision Application for 25 residential lots within the Rural 1 Zone with access from Park Avenue, Takaka. Hearing date: Monday 3 September 2018 (starting at 10am) and Tuesday 4 September 2018.

Inch - Coastal Permits to Erect Jetty - Riwaka - Suspended Application

Resource Consent Applications to occupy and disturb the coastal marine area in association with the construction and use of a jetty and excavation of an access channel and the removal of abandoned structures.

Inch - Coastal Permits to Erect Jetty - Riwaka - Re-application

Powell - Subdivision - Aniseed Valley

Subdivision Application for two lots within the Rural 2 Zone in the Aniseed Valley.

Richmond Pohara Holdings Ltd - Subdivision Land Use, Land Disturbance, Discharge and Water Consent

Resource Consent Applications in the Rural 1 Zone to create 33 residential allotments; and a Local Purpose Reserve in Richmond Road, Pohara.