D & N Inch (25 Green Tree Road, Riwaka)

Process Suspended by Applicant: 18 February 2016

Update 8 November 2017

Application Details


D & N Inch

Applicant’s Address for Service

 D & N Inch, C/- Landmark Lile Ltd, PO Box 343, Nelson 7040


25 Green Tree Road, Riwaka

Legal Description

Common marine and coastal area under the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 and Pt Section 52 Motueka District (NL3C/1137)

Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal

Coastal Permit – Occupation, Disturbance and Erection of a Structure (Application RM150737)

To occupy and disturb the coastal marine area in association with the construction and use of a jetty and excavation of an access channel.

Coastal Permit - Disturbance (Application RM150885)

To disturb the coastal marine area in association with the removal of abandoned structures.

Land Use Consent – Erection of a Structure (Application RM150738)

To erect a structure (jetty) in the coastal environment area.

Consent Documents

  1. RM150737 - Inch - Application
  2. RM150737 - Inch - Attachment B - Certificate of Title
  3. RM150737 - Inch - Attachment C
  4. RM150737 - Inch - Attachment C - Concept Image
Further information Request and Response
  1. RM150737 - Inch - Further Information Requested - 5 October 2015
  2. RM150737 - Inch - Further Information Provided - 21 October 2015
  3. RM150737 - Inch - Further Information Provided - Plan A
  4. RM150737 - Inch - Further Information Request - 18 February 2016


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