Pakawau Community Residents' Association

Proposed seawall at Pakawau Beach Esplanade Reserve and coastal marine area

Submissions closed: 4:00pm Monday 18 June 2018

The applicant has made some changes to their proposal, received by the Council on 16 July and 20 July 2018. 

We have not set a date for the Hearing yet.

The Tasman District Council received an application for resource consents to construct a rock revetment-type seawall on Council esplanade reserve land and the coastal marine area at Pakawau.  

The proposed seawall will be about 345 metres long, adjacent to 1118 to 1154 Collingwood-Puponga Main Road.  It's intended to protect the adjacent private land from coastal erosion.

You can download a copy of the application documents, view the submissions received, and the changes to the application through the links at the bottom of this page.

What happens next

The next step usually involves going to a Hearing. At a Hearing the decision maker(s) considers the evidence from everyone, and submitters who wanted to be heard can explain in greater detail their submission. We do not have a date for the Hearing yet. 

If you made a submission and said you wanted to speak at the Hearing, we will email or write to you to tell you its date. When we let you know that date, we will also inform you exactly when the Council reporting planner's recommendation on the application will be available via this web page. We have to make it available at least 15 working days before the start of the Hearing. 

The applicant also has to give the Council their evidence 10 working days before the Hearing, and we will make it available to you via links from this web page.

If you are a submitter and you are getting technical specilalists (eg a planner or some other professional) to provide evidence to support your submission, we will need a copy of their expert evidence at least five working days before the start of the Hearing. 

If you are a submitter and have any questions, they can be emailed to the Council at

Please note that if the resource consents are granted, Council as landowner for the reserve, has a separate process (under the Reserves Act 1977) to consider the seawall occupying the reserve land.  This process would only start after the decision on this application for resource consents was known.

Application details


Pakawau Community Residents’ Association


Pakawau Beach Esplanade Reserve and coastal marine area

Legal description

Lot 20 DP 5716 Blk XVI Pakawau S D Esplanade Reserve, and part of the common marine and coastal area

Consent type, application number and proposal

Coastal permit (application RM171015)

A coastal permit is needed to (a) disturb the coastal marine area, as a result of the works associated with the erection of the seawall, and (b) to occupy the coastal marine area with part of the seawall.

Land use consent - (application RM171289)

A district land use consent is needed to erect the 345 metre long seawall structure on land that is Open Space Zone under the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

Land use consent (application RM171290)

A land use consent is needed for the land disturbance activities associated with the construction of the seawall. This involves disturbing more than 1000 square metres of land, within 200 metres of the coastal marine area and over a single 12 month period.  

Applicant’s address

Pakawau Community Residents’ Association

c/-  Laurie Jarrett

By email:

Or by post:

1178 Collingwood-Puponga Main Road, RD 1, Collingwood 7073


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