Information for Major Projects

If you are planning a major project in the Tasman District we encourage you to come and talk to us early in your planning process.

If you let us know about your project we will be able to assemble a team of Council staff that will be able to help you as much as possible in the early stages so that the process goes smoothly.

The first point of contact is the Duty Planner. Advise them that you have a major project in development and that you would like to set up a meeting with relevant staff to discuss it. All information is treated as confidential until resource consent applications are lodged.

What is a Major Project?

Major Projects might include, for example:

  • new urban developments or buildings
  • 'greenfield' subdivisions
  • a development which is of strategic or community value
  • a development which creates new public spaces (e.g. new roads or reserves)
  • a development which is in a prominent location

Urban Design Panel

The Tasman District Council, in conjunction with the Nelson City Council, is offering the services of an Urban Design Panel to give high-quality urban design advice to developers. The Urban Design Panel is a group of experienced and qualified professionals who provide independent design reviews for projects.

Panel members will consider your project and provide constructive criticism, advice and a written report, including recommendations, within five days. Projects will be considered against best urban design practice and the urban design objectives and policies of the relevant Council.

The Urban Design Panel service is currently FREE to developers.

Read more about the Urban Design Panel here