Resource Consent Search

This page allows you to search the status of a resource consent or resource consent application related to any property in the Tasman District.  You need to know either the number of the resource consent, or the property address.

About the Search

  • Changes in the status of resource consent applications which are being processed may not show immediately, but will be updated as soon as practicable.
  • Requests for further information, hearings, objections and appeals may also delay updates.
  • Subdivision consents usually require two further approvals during their implementation – they are known as s223 and s224 approvals. Subdivisions may also involve several stages.
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Search tips

  • If searching by consent number do not enter the RM prefix.
  • Some consents - especially those issued before 2003 - may have an NN prefix.
  • To see historical consents search by street or road address, or legal description of property, or try a keyword. If you wish to search for an older consent by number, include the NN prefix.