Information about Consent Notices

A consent notice is a form of covenant between the Council and a land owner and can only be imposed through a subdivision consent (i.e. when some kind of subdivision or boundary adjustment is done). 

A consent notice will be registered on the title of a property alerting current and future property owners of certain obligations that must be complied with on a continuing basis by the owner, and subsequent owners, of a title. Such conditions may, for example, require engineering works or landscaping requirements to be done, or may restrict building colours, site coverage, or the location of buildings on the land.

Because a consent notice is an agreement between the Council and the land owner, it is the Council which will enforce against any non-compliance.  Consent notices can be varied or cancelled by agreement between the land owner and the Council at any time after the deposit of the survey plan.

The process to change or cancel a consent notice requires a resource consent application to Council.

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