Hazards and Subdivision

Natural Hazards

Areas within the Tasman District are subject to a number of natural hazards, such as:

  • Flooding and inundation from nearby rivers, streams or from the sea;
  • River bank and coastal erosion;
  • Land stability issues from potentially unstable soils and surface fault rupture due to earthquake.
  • Detailed assessments of these natural hazards will be required as part of the subdivision application to determine the level of risk to any new building site, road or infrastructure.

The risks from natural hazards are required to be mitigated to an acceptable level or consent may be declined.

The Planning Maps of the TRMP identify some (but not all) of these hazard areas.

Contaminated Sites

If the land being subdivided has been used for activities such as a historic orchard, timber treatment, fuel storage, a rubbish dump or contains an old sheep dip there may be contamination of the soils in some localised areas. As part of processing a subdivision consent an assessment of any contamination may be required.

Remediation of the contamination to acceptable levels will be required as part of the subdivision process.

Council holds information on the Site Contamination Register about many of these potentially contaminated sites, and will provide it on request with a Land Information Memorandum (LIM).