Other Considerations for Subdivision

Cross Boundary Effects

It is important that any new residential development does not conflict with existing rural land uses, in particular horticultural activities on the more highly productive soils in the Tasman District and therefore new dwellings should not be close to any boundaries with these areas.

Any new dwellings constructed on new lots created by subdivision are required to be set back 25 metres from a Rural Zone boundary as a permitted activity or up to 30 metres from existing horticultural plantings.

Amenity Values

In general the bulk and location controls for buildings in the Residential Zone ensure a reasonable level of onsite and off site amenity. Where subdivision in the Rural 1, 2 and 3 Zones allows for increased residential development this may have adverse effects on the rural character and amenity of these zones.  The protection of amenity values is an important consideration when assessing subdivision consents. Any subdivision application should address the effects on amenity values.

Esplanade Reserves or Strips

Where land within a subdivision is adjacent to the coast or riverbank Council will consider if an esplanade reserve or esplanade strip is required to enable future public access and/or for the protection of conservation values.