Services and Subdivision

Stormwater Servicing

The stormwater discharge, diversion or drainage into water from any new roads, accesses and rights of way created as part of a subdivision need to be assessed prior to making a subdivision application. An allowance is required to be made for the stormwater discharge from the construction of future dwellings on any new lots created.  

The stormwater generated by a subdivision needs to be discharged to a stormwater system that has capacity to receive it or onsite detention may be required.

A specific stormwater discharge consent will be required if the stormwater discharge, diversion or drainage into water cannot meet the permitted activity criteria of Rule 36.4.2 of the TRMP (Discharge or Diversion of Stormwater or Drainage Water).

Wastewater servicing

Subdivisions within established townships may be able to be serviced with Council wastewater connections.  However the majority of the rural areas will require onsite wastewater treatment.

The type of wastewater treatment system required will depend on the area available for a discharge field, the standard of treatment required, the soil type and the volume of the discharge. There are a number of proprietary systems available, but also consider other more passive (low energy) forms of onsite treatment that may be appropriate for your site.  A wastewater consultant or engineer can help.

A specific wastewater discharge permit will be required for new discharges in the Wastewater Management Area (Coastal Tasman Area).  There are other areas in Tasman which also have more stringent wastewater rules.  These are called Special Domestic Wastewater Disposal Areas.

Water Supply

For new residential dwellings a water supply is required to be available that is reliable and potable and this water supply may include water stored from roofs.

For subdivisions within the Business and Industrial Zones a water connection is usually required by the conditions of any approved consent.

The majority of the rural water supply systems are fully allocated.

Roads & Access

Unformed road reserve, roads within a proposed subdivision and rights-of-way are required to be formed in accordance with the requirements of Section 18.8, Rule and Figure 16.2A of the TRMP.  The detailed construction standards are contained in the Council’s Engineering Standards & Policies 2008.

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