Information about Different Types of Subdivision

This page tells you about the most common types of subdivision.

Boundary Adjustment 

A subdivision in any zone that adjusts the existing boundary locations between adjoining titles.  No new titles are created.  Boundary adjustments are useful when land is sold by one person to his or her neighbour, when the boundaries of titles need to be adjusted to match fencelines or physical features on the land.  Boundary adjustments also allow productive land to be better used by removing land from residential properties and adding it to rural productive blocks.

Although no new allotments are created, the Council's subdivision planners will check to make sure that the lots sizes and shapes are still appropriate.

Residential 'Greenfields' Subdivision 

The development of an area of land that is zoned 'Residential' but has not yet been developed.  The subdivision will include the overall design for roading, reserves and service.  Multiple new residential allotments will usually be created.

Residential Infill Subdivision 

The subdivision of an existing allotment that is zoned 'Residential'.  The existing allotment may or may not have an existing dwelling.  The allotment must have sufficient area to be further divided.  There are rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan about the minimum lot size for such infill development in residential areas.

Comprehensive Residential Development 

A comprehensively planned and designed collection of buildings on one site.  The development will often (but not necessarily) result in more titles being formed.  The difference with this type of development is that it includes both the subdivision and the development of the buildings into one comprehensive development proposal.

Rural-Residential Subdivision 

The subdivision of land zoned 'Rural-Residential'.  The TRMP specifies minimum lot sizes for rural-residential subdivisions.

Rural 3 Subdivision 

The subdivision of land zoned 'Rural 3'.  The Rural 3 zone is in the Coastal Tasman Area between Appleby and Tasman Village where more development is allowed in a controlled fashion.  These developments must be done in accordance with the Rural 3 design guidelines.

TRMP Part II - Appendix 3: Coastal Tasman Area Subdivision and Development Design Guide

Rural Subdivision 

The subdivision of land zoned 'Rural 1' or 'Rural 2'.  The Tasman Resource Management Plan specifies minimum lot sizes for these subdivisions as the primary focus of the Plan is on protecting the productivity and versatility of the land.

Subdividing Your Property