Richmond Aquatic and Fitness Centre

This page describes the facilities available at the Richmond Aquatic Centre, opening hours, and the history of the centre.

Location and Contact Information

Address: 161 Salisbury Road, Richmond, Nelson
Postal: PO Box 3534 Richmond, Nelson 7020

Phone: 03 543 9755


Richmond’s Aquatic Centre was officially opened by Prime Minister Helen Clark on 10 September 2004. The Richmond Aquatic and Fitness Centre includes a 25m lane swimming pool, a wave pool, lazy river, spa pools, hydrotherapy, sauna, tots pool and a learn to swim pool. Come on down and experience the thrill of riding the waves, walk the Lazy River and soak in the Spa Pool.

The adjoining 400 square foot sized Fitness Centre was officially opened in June 2011. The fitness centre offers Les Mills group fitness classes,  fitness assessments and personalised programmes. The Fitness Centre is fitted out with state-of-the-art gym equipment.

Whatever your leisure, recreation, heath and fitness needs, there is something for all ages.

Picture of ASB Aquatic Centre, Richmond


The Main Pool

For lane swimmers there is an eight-lane 25m pool.

Fifeshire FM Wave Pool

This pool is fitted with a wave machine that generates several different wave patterns: there’s a diamond pattern that sends a series of peaked waves straight down the pool, which then become breakers as they reach the “shore”. There’s also a left and right wave pattern that sends a big wave down either side of the pool, and can pack a fair punch. The machine also produces two different combinations of roller waves, like those at sea, in a variety of sizes that travel down the pool before turning into breakers in the shallow end.  A waterfall that drops down one of the roof support columns at the shallow end of the wave pool, adds to the “outdoor” experience.

Lazy River

This figure-eight shaped channel has a current running through it that’s generated by hundreds of water jets. It’s a great exercise area and operates at a fast walking pace. It can carry you along, or you can walk against it for resistance. The Lazy River is 800mm deep, and stays at a temperature of 30°C.

Spa Pools

Two large spa pools provide plenty of room for swimmers to relax after good workout.

Hydrotherapy Pool

People recovering from injuries and who need water-based physiotherapy, and those learning to swim are the main users of this pool. The pool ranges in depth from 1.1m to 1.4m, and remains at temperatures between 33°C and 35°C.

The Tots’ Pools

Two linked pools are available for the littlest swimmers – the upper pool being 300mm deep and the lower one varying from 400 to 600mm. There’s a cascading water feature, water jets that squirt across to the wave pool and bubbles come up through the floor.