Kaiteriteri Water Skiing Priority Times

This page explains summer priority times for water skiers at Kaiteriteri Beach - two hours either side of high tide at Port Nelson.


To ensure opportunities for people to enjoy a range of activities in and on the water at Kaiteriteri as safely as is practicable, priority use of the water ski area by water skiers to the two hours either side of high tide is provided for in the Tasman District Council Navigation Safety Bylaw. Outside of these times the reserved status is revoked and the normal rules apply.

Skiers and boats towing inflatable water toys may still share the area with other water users if it is safe to do so.

Any beach starts and landings are at 5 knots or less.

The priority use applies whenever buoys and ski marker poles are marking the area - usually from Labour Weekend through to April the following year.



Sign May be Displayed

If the Beach Camp Launch Warden is on duty, a sign may be erected on the beach to indicate that the waters within that part of the bay are closed to swimmers and other users if anyone is waterskiing. However, the reservation will be in force at the defined times regardless of whether the sign is out or not.

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