Camping Policy for Self-Contained Motorhomes

Tasman District Council's policy for self-contained motorhomes encourages travellers and campers to use camping grounds and other accommodation facilities as much as possible. This policy recognises that some visitors to our District are choosing overnight camping as their preferred accommodation. It also recognises the economic and social benefit campers bring to our District.

We Ask You to Please Comply With the Following Rules

  1. Overnight camping may occur on any Council-controlled public land, except land stated in prohibited areas below, and for a maximum of two nights in any calendar month at any single location.
  2. Overnight camping may only be carried out in mobile vehicles fitted with a minimum three-day capacity toilet and greywater storage facility.
  3. Toilet and greywater must be disposed of in a Council-approved dump point.
  4. All refuse must be disposed of in an approved refuse collection bag and put out for collection on the appropriate day or dropped off at any Tasman District Council Resource Recovery Centres. Bags and timetables for collection days are available at Council Offices.
  5. All overnight camping sites must be left in a clean and tidy state.
  6. Overnight campers are asked to comply with any request to move on, by any Officer of the Council.

Campervan Waste Dump Point Locations

NB The deposit of litter, including any effluent in other than an approved location, may result in an instant fine or prosecution.

Prohibited Areas

  • All areas where No Camping signs are displayed.
  • Kaiteriteri Beach area from Tapu Bay to Breaker Bay.
  • On any Tasman District Council reserve (apart from road reserve) in any area, except for Edward Baigent Reserve, Wakefield and Motueka Beach Reserve, East Quay, Motueka.
  • Any area within 500 metres of a registered camping ground.
  • Marahau from the start of the residential area to the Park Cafe.
  • On the river side of any stopbank except that area in the vicinity of the State Highway Bridge at Waitapu, Golden Bay.