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This page contains a list of upcoming events in the Tasman/ Nelson region.

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These events have been organised or supported by Tasman District Council.

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Folk Night
(Thursday 2nd July 2015)

A fun and casual evening of folk music. Join in or just listen.

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Waimea Ructions 2015
(Thursday 2nd July 2015)

A community concert of Music featuring Waimea College Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Concert Band, Camerata and Fusion Choirs, Lake Rotoiti Primary Choir and Brass Ensemble, Waimea Intermediate Stage Band, Wakefield Primary Brass Ensemble and Richmond Primary Choir.

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LA dance Troop Night
(Friday 3rd July 2015)

LA Dance Troop Night
Friday 3rd July
Dinner from 6pm, Show from 8pm
$15 for show.
Support your local dance troop heading to LA to compete in international competition.

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Americana Night
(Saturday 4th July 2015)

Join us on Independence Day for a Big Band concert with an Americana influence. Great music that's perfect for dancing.
Nelson Jazz Club Big Band bring you some fantastic live music including great swing and blues from all time favourites Glenn Miller and many others. We might even have the star spangled banner!
Come early for some tasty Playhouse food, then dance the night away with the band.
$10 on the door, kids free.

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(Saturday 4th July 2015)

Rainbow’s 2015 opening day is on Saturday the 4th July! Don’t miss it!

Check out the Snow Report page for up to date information.

Like us on facebook:
Follow us on Twitter:
Add us on Snapchat: rainbowskiarea
Follow us on Instagram: /rainbowskiarea
Subscribe to us on Youtube:

Enjoy your snow filled season up at Rainbow!

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The Nelson Ark Quiz Night & Silent Auction
(Saturday 4th July 2015)

Quiz Night & Silent Auction to Benefit the Nelson Ark! Open to all adults! Two free pizzas per table is included. There will be bar and other snacks too. Held at Richmond Town Hall!

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Yoga Nidra Instructor Training Professional Development Retreat
(Saturday 27th June–Sunday 5th July 2015)

The course is offered as a Professional Development retreat which is followed by course work undertaken at home. Once the foundations of personal practise are set, teaching methodology, skills and teaching practise are introduced, working towards a final teaching assessment.

Pre-requisite knowledge
As this course is designed as professional development for health and education professionals,
participants are required to have qualifications and/or industry experience in disciplines such as: counseling; nursing or other health professions; client/student support, mentoring or referral; teaching.

As Yoga Nidra works directly on the mind to release past impressions, teachers of the practice require the skills to give emotional support to students when needed.

If you do not have formal qualifications in client support skills or relevant industry experience, you may be required to take a pre-course workshop in client support skills.

NZ$ 1950
Early Bird Price NZ$ 1800 full payment by 23 May, 2015.
Non-refundable deposit $NZ 390.00

Booking and Info:
Email for an information booklet and an Application Form
Ph: +64 (3) 5259887

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Richmond Library: Lego Mindstorm - Battle of the Bots
(Tuesday 7th July 2015)

Create a unique robot. Then battle it out to find the best.

Join teen tutors Sam and Will from the Ministry of Inspiration to create a programmable robot using Lego Mindstorm.

Then form teams and take part in the battle of the bots.

Places are limited. Pre-registration and pre-payment essential.

Cancellations up to 24 hours prior will be fully refunded.

Suitable for 10-14 year olds.

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Wellington Sea Shanty Society
(Wednesday 8th July 2015)

Rollicking sea-shanty songs from NZ's 'Most Sea Worthy' Shanty group. Sing-along fun from Lake of Urban Tramper and Vorn from Vorn!

They just happen to be passing by and decided to put on a gig as the last one was a riot. This time singing song from their new album 'Now That's What I Call Sea Shanty's Volume 2'.

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Richmond Library: Awesome Adventures and Amazing Discoveries Storytime
(Monday 6th–Thursday 9th July 2015)

Adventure into your library these holidays. There are journeys and explorations to be made, inventions and ideas to be discovered. The world is indeed an astonishing place.

Join us for a fun hour of fabulous stories and create some awesome art to take home.

Suitable for 4-9 year olds. Pre-schoolers welcome with an adult.

Limited to 50 places so be there early!

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Richmond Library: Game On!
(Thursday 9th July 2015)

Looking for something different to do these holidays? We've got just the thing to beat the boredom!

Drop in and experience a new generation board game or enjoy an old favourite. Bring your own game if you want to.

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The All Seeing Hand and Seth Frightening
(Thursday 9th July 2015)

The All Seeing Hand and Seth Frightening
Thursday 9th July
Dinner from 6pm, Show from 8pm
$10 for show
Alt rock genius, arty and real real. Promise of a show like no other.

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Darren Waston and Matt Langley
(Friday 10th July 2015)

Darren Watson and Matt Langley
Friday 10th July
Dinner from 6pm, Show from 8pm
$20 for show
Blues legend and folk troubadour team up for a night of amazing music for all tastes.

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Murchison Library: Balloon Twisting Workshop
(Friday 10th July 2015)

Discover the fun of balloon twisting and learn how to create fun animals with Flossie the Balloon Lady.

Flossie will teach you special tricks and tips to transform a balloon into an amazing creature.

Fun for everyone.

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BOOKBINDER, the play at The Playhouse
(Saturday 11th July 2015)

Arts on Tour NZ presents
Book Binder
Saturday 11th July
Dinner from 6pm, Show from 8pm
$20, plus Dinner options
From award-winning company Trick of the Light Theatre comes a story of mystery, magic and mayhem.

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The Power of Awareness 7 Day Meditation Retreat
(Monday 6th–Sunday 12th July 2015)

In this course you will:

• Come to understand that the purpose of meditation is to develop a working relationship with the mind in order to recognize, accept and find release from the influence of impressions/memories

• Be exposed to classical meditation techniques, such as Antar mouna, Ajapa Japa, Hridayakasha Darshan and SWAN self-analysis

• Learn how not to fight with the mind, nor fear it, but just let it unfold

• Follow a well tested progression of practices, allowing you to advance at your own pace

• Be guided to develop a different relationship with yourself based on observation, acceptance, insight and friendship

Retreat also includes:
• Hatha Yoga classes
• Daily chanting
• Karma yoga (action with meditative awareness)
• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)
• Ancient fire ceremonies (havan) and kirtan chanting
• Periods of silence for reflection

This course is suitable:
• for all sincere students, seekers, and spiritual adventurers

Registration at 10 am.

Bookings & Information:
PH: +64 (3) 525 9887
FB: (external link)

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Horror Make Up Workshop
(Tuesday 14th July 2015)

Do you like terrible wounds, ragged scars, festering sores and lopped-off fingers ? We love them and so do the people who make the movies that send a shiver down your spine or have you reaching for the sick bowl. Welcome to world of Special Effects Make-Up where you will get the chance to use latex, wax, paint and other materials to turn your friends into the bloody victims of madmen, zombies and monsters. Those of a nervous nature need not apply.

This workshop is for age 10+ and strictly limited in size. So if you are ready to be creatively grossed out this workshop is for you!

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Richmond Library: Teddybear Storytime and Sleepover
(Tuesday 14th July 2015)

Is your teddy brave enough to have a sleepover at the library?

Come along to our special evening teddybear storytime and then see if ted wants to stay over for a sleepover in the library with his bear friends. Other soft toys are most welcome.

Suitable for 3-8 year olds, their special soft toy friends and their adult carers.

Numbers are limited to 25 children and teddies.
Pre-register at the library to be sure of your place.

Teddies to be collected the next day and you'll receive a photo of what they got up to overnight.

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Takaka Library: Awesome Adventures and Amazing Discoveries Storytime
(Tuesday 7th–Tuesday 14th July 2015)

Adventure in to your library these holidays. There are journeys and explorations to be made, inventions and ideas to be discovered. The world is indeed an astonishing place.

Join us for a fun hour of fabulous stories and take home a crazy creation.

Suitable for 4-9 year olds. Pre-schoolers welcome with an adult.

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Out Of This World - Creative Science
(Wednesday 15th July 2015)

Colours will clash and burst to life in a day where art meets science. Come along to experiment with dry ice and fire like you’ve never seen them before, as well as witness the making of ‘Elephant’s toothpaste’ and brew your own ‘storm in a cup’. We’ll teach you some epic scientific laws at the same time as making some crazy, imagination-defying creations. Prepare to get your hands in and messy- these are not the science experiments you do at home! (Explosions semi-guaranteed).
Lots of FIRE at this event!

This special workshop is for Years 3-6 students who will be immersed in a full day of creative science fun lead by two Senior Students and a fully qualified teacher in a real science lab.

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Country Music Night
(Thursday 16th July 2015)

There's a regular Country Music Night starting right here in the Moutere. Third Thursday of the month. We have a full backing band so come in in and give it a go or just relax for the evening.

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Creative Cooking With Science
(Thursday 16th July 2015)

Have you seen those fantastic looking and delicious cake pops that are all the rave? In this workshop, students will design and create their own cake pops and make ice cream using dry ice! Dry ice is a fantastic product to use in teaching sublimation, rocketry, and cooking techniques. Each student will go home with a minimum of 6 cake pops and a tummy full of sweet treats.

This tasty fun filled workshop is for students in years 3-8.

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Em Hofstede, Live Poetry reading
(Thursday 16th July 2015)

Live Poets kicks off with live music at 7:30 pm and Em takes the stage after the first open mic session at 8 pm. After a break, the second open mic session will roll from 9.15 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend or participate. Contact Rose at

A big thanks to Creative Communities and Community Grants from Rates for their support.

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Kidpower Richmond
(Thursday 16th July 2015)

Learn safe communication strategies and emergency full force self-defence skills to keep safe with people you know and those you don't.

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Motueka Library: Awesome Adventures and Amazing Discoveries Storytime
(Tuesday 7th–Thursday 16th July 2015)

How far can you go these holidays? Come on an adventure at your library and discover final frontiers, underwater worlds and fly into space.

Join us for a fun hour of fabulous stories and create some awesome art to take home.

Suitable for 4-9 year olds. Pre-schoolers welcome with an adult.

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Richmond Library: John Green Fan Fix
(Thursday 16th July 2015)

Do you love John Green? Hanging out to see the new Paper Towns movie? Come along to Richmond Library and meet other John Green fans.

John Green books and Paper Towns movie tickets to give away.

Suitable ages 12-18.
Pre-registration required - register at Richmond Library.

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Takaka Library: Honkygoosafone with Levity Beet
(Thursday 16th July 2015)

Make a wild, wacky musical instrument with madcap musician Levity Beet.

Use recycled materials to create your very own Honkygoosafone. Unleash a funky instrument with a unique sound on your unsuspecting family.

A morning of drilling, gluing, blowing and banging - fun and entertainment all the way!

Numbers are limited so book early.

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(Monday 13th–Friday 17th July 2015)

July 13th till 17th, 9 till 4, For kids ages 9 till 14,
$350 included food and concert
Learn to play in a band , gain new skills,
make new friends, have a good time!
Contact 5402985 for more details

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Rainbow Ski Area's School Holiday Programme
(Monday 6th–Friday 17th July 2015)

July School Holidays: 6th-10th & 13th-17th.

SCHOOLS OUT! Mix it up and make the most of all terrain available and have the best of fun on the school holidays. We offer daily camps with coaching.

Your children will have a wicked time with fun instructors and fellow group kids improving skills, making new friends, having fun races, jumps and fun in the snow.

• Lift line priority.
• Access to race courses and freestyle terrain features.
• $25 St Arnaud return shuttle available on booking.

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Out of the Box- Children's Theatre
(Wednesday 15th–Saturday 18th July 2015)

Join us in the attic to look for treasures these school holidays. Original, improvised stories come Out of the Box! Songs, stories & fun times await.

Body in Space presents their Playbox Children's Theatre initiative in the second week of the school holidays. We aim to create regular, high quality entertainment for children and their families. We work with professionals and value imagination, playfulness and the production of original works. We love to write songs and have sing-alongs! Come along and make some wonderful memories with us!

15 - 17 July
11am & 1pm

18 July
1pm only

Excellent children's theatre in two wonderful venues! Book your seats today.
Thank you to the Tasman Creative Communities Scheme!

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Takaka Library: Winter Series - 538919 Gunner Rennison Reporting for Duty
(Friday 24th July 2015)

It's that time of year again. Come out of the cold and banish those winter blues with Takaka Library's annual Winter Series of lunchtime talks.

In 538919 Gunner Rennison Reporting for Duty, Gunner Rennision will recount, in all its glory, his time serving Queen and country under the military training regime of 1958.

Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

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Cormac's Cabaret The Wrath of Khan-cer
(Saturday 25th July 2015)

Cormac's Cabaret
The Wrath of Khan-cer
Saturday 25th July
Dinner from 6pm, Show from 8pm.
$25 for show
The regions best entertainers come together for a night of laughs and gasps. Cabaret entertainment at it's very best.
A fundraiser event for Hospice in remembrance of Cormac who sadly passed away.

More Information.

Cormac's Laughing at Cancer Cabaret - The wrath of KHANcer
(Saturday 25th July 2015)

A fundraising Night of Comedy, Burlesque, Dance, Music and Circus at the Playhouse Theatre! All proceeds going towards Nelson Tasman Hospice. This fantastic night will have a variety of local acts all performing for free. Cormac is no longer with us, but inspired the 1st show back in 2013. Cancer affects all of us in some way or another, and laughter is sometimes the best medicine of all!
There will also be a fantastic raffle, perhaps a silent auction and plenty of opportunity to donate any spare change on the night too!
Tickets available on the night
$25 waged/$20 unwaged.
Dinner from 6pm, Show starts at 8pm till late
For more information see Rachel at Pottering About, Buxton Square or call 03 545 8041

For table and dinner bookings contact the Playhouse direct 03 540 2985

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Rainbow Ski Area Summit Batty Cup
(Sunday 26th July 2015)

This event is open to everyone. Come up and give it a go through the ski race gates.

The postponement date is Saturday 19th September (to be held in conjunction with the Rainbow Club Champs).

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NBS Intermediate Academic Quiz Night
(Wednesday 29th July 2015)

NBS Academic Quiz Intermediates is the greatest quiz for Top of the South Years 7 and 8 and you can be part of it. Get a team of six of the most amazing brains you know, fabricate a fantastic name and register here to enter. Most of the questions are being selected from the Horrible Histories book (not videos) series following these books as a guide.

SUPERQUIZ: General Information on HH book serie

ART: HH Illustrators, Martin Brown and Tony deSaulless

SCIENCE: HH Evil Inventions and Beastly Best Bits

LANG & LIT: Vocabulary from HH Pirates

MUSIC: Horrible Christmas (carols) and general questions on Victorian songs, music, and instruments.

HEALTH & PE: HH Measly Medicine and Deadly Disease

Maori: Gun/Land Wars

ECONOMICS : HH The Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians and England (focus on child labour/working conditions)

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Motueka Library: e-Reader Classes
(Monday 15th June–Friday 28th August 2015)

Book individual time with library staff and learn how to use the library's e-books and e-audiobooks on your reader, tablet or smartphone.

Phone Motueka Library to make an appointment or for more information.

More Information.

Takaka Library: Knitting and Crochet Open Home
(Friday 19th June–Friday 28th August 2015)

Come along and learn a new skill, brush up on an old one or complete that project that has been years in the cupboard.

Bring along your wool, needles and crochet hooks and Coletta and Wendy will get you started, untangled or hooked up!

A wonderful opportunity to share, learn, meet new people and enjoy your community space in the library.

More Information.

Motueka Library: Teen Book Group
(Wednesday 1st April–Wednesday 23rd September 2015)

Motueka Teen Book group is for High School students in the Motueka area.

Our group meets twice a term to chat about books, what’s new and favourite reads.

Enjoy the first pick of new books, listen to guest speakers, and participate in fun activities.

Bring along a friend.

Snacks provided.

More Information.

Takaka Village Market
(Saturday 25th October 2014–Saturday 24th October 2015)

A lively Saturday market on the Library Car Park in Takaka, Golden Bay. Come and get your veggies, treats, food, clothes, second hand treasures, seedlings, plants and local art and crafts from the many artists residing in the Bay. Get a coffee and listen to the performing musicians on the market. We will have live music every week.

For information or to book a stall phone 03 525 9663 or 027 5566344

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Motueka Library: Babbling Books
(Thursday 5th February–Thursday 5th November 2015)

Babbling Books - a chance to enjoy an informal discussion about what you are reading.

Find out what has others enthused and share your favourite titles.

You are welcome to bring your lunch.

More Information.

Takaka Library: Silverfish Book Group
(Tuesday 24th February–Tuesday 24th November 2015)

Do you enjoy reading and talking about books?

Our book group Silverfish could be for you.

Silverfish is a chance to talk about what you have enjoyed reading and hear about what other people have been reading.

It is a group for all people and all tastes.

We pick a theme, genre or author for the month or just swap favourite books. The possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to come regularly.

You’re welcome to come along to listen and enjoy a cup of coffee.

More Information.

Richmond Library: Mystery Ink
(Thursday 12th February–Thursday 3rd December 2015)

Based at the Richmond Library, Mystery Ink discuss what’s hot and new in books, music and movies.

Get first choice of the new YA books fresh in at the library and win movie passes and books with cool competitions and spot prizes.

A great opportunity to meet new people and have a bit of fun. All welcome, ages 12 to 17.

Come check us out in the Young Adults section.

More Information.

Richmond Library: Tasman Talks Titles Book Group
(Wednesday 18th February–Wednesday 16th December 2015)

Tasman Talks Titles is a chance for you to talk about what you have enjoyed reading and to hear about what other people have been reading.

You'll also get to see a selection of new titles which the library has purchased.

Tasman Talks Titles meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 3.00pm

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Motueka Library: Babytime
(Friday 20th February–Friday 18th December 2015)

Babytime is a fun, social and interactive programme introducing literacy and a love of language to babies, as well as helping to develop the bond between parent and child.

Babytime is a 30 minute programme of action rhymes, music, and books especially suitable for children two years and under. We do not limit session numbers.

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RichmondLibrary: Tiny Tots
(Tuesday 10th February–Tuesday 22nd December 2015)

A hands on session using songs, stories, rhymes and movement for children aged two years and younger with their caregivers.

An opportunity to have fun in the library, interact with your tot using rhymes, songs and movement and introduce them to the wonderful world of books.

Every Tuesday during school term time.

More Information.

Takaka Library: Tiny Tots
(Tuesday 10th February–Tuesday 22nd December 2015)

A fun hands-on session for the under-twos.

Songs, movement, rhymes and stories for early learning.

Every Tuesday during term time.

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