Planning an Event

This section helps people planning an event in the Tasman District.

The Tasman District is a vibrant region that hosts a wide range of festivals and events. Tasman District Council acknowledge the contribution these events make to the communities social and economic development.


Event Planning Tips

These guidelines are to simplfy the process of applying for consents, permits, licenses and for booking council venues.  

Booking a Park

If you want to hold an event in a public space in the Tasman District, you will need permission of the land owner. If the owner is Council is the land owner read more information on Booking a Park. If you are holding your event in a Tasman District Council facility, you might need to pay a bond. The bond will cover potential costs of repairing any damage or clean up if the area is not left in the way it was found.

Waste management at your event

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important for event operators and should be incorporated into your planning. If you need advice with your waste management planning contact the Community Partnerships staff or for tips about reducing waste at your event.

Read more about reducing waste

Event traffic management and road closures

If your event will be on a road, or will cause high traffic volumes and congestion, it may require a traffic management plan. For information on Traffic Management and Road Closures. Read more information on Traffic Management and Road Closures.

Road closures

All road closures must be advertised to the public. We must receive your application in writing at least eight weeks before your event takes place. Read more information on Road Closures.

Fire permit

Permits are generally needed for all fireworks and for outdoor fires except enclosed incinerators and barbecues. Read more information on Fire Permits

Food stall health registration

As an event organiser, you need to ensure that all participating food vendors at your event have a health registration certificate. If you are selling food for fundraising, a health registration is not required. Collect and submit all vendors’ registration information at least 60 days prior to your event. Read more information on Food Business Licenses

Liquor licence

A special licence allows for the sale of alcohol at special occasions or events. You'll need to submit your application at least 20 working days before your event. Read more information on Alcohol Special Licenses.  

Trading in Public Places

The Tasman District Council has a Bylaw that controls certain activities that may take place in a public place. The types of activities covered by the bylaw that will require a licence or a permit are:

  • Mobile Shops i.e. trading from a vehicle or trailer.
  • Commercial Services e.g. taking and selling of photographs, the production and sale of personal portraits, the telling of fortunes, the soliciting of commercial sexual services.
  • Hawkers i.e. a person who travels from door to door offering goods for sale.
  • Busking
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Soliciting donations

Read more information on Trading in Public Places

Resource consent

Applying for resource consent is required for activities that have an effect on the environment. Read more information on applying for resource consents.  


The event organiser is responsible for paying any costs associated with all permits and license including road closures, traffic management and public notice advertising.