Kina Recreation Reserve, Tasman

Kina Beach Recreation Reserve is located on the foreshore at Kina Beach, approximately two kilometres from State Highway 60 at Tasman.

Picture of Kina Recreation Reserve, Tasman


  • Picnic
  • BBQ
  • Toilets
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Beach Estuary
  • Boat Ramp
  • Camping

Much of the reserve is low lying, covering vegetated beach gravel, and a small part of the has a raised terrace. Parts of the reserve are subject to flooding, and to coastal erosion during storms. A small remnant of mahoe-ngaio forest is present. Other parts of the reserve are planted with ngaio, akeake, akiraho, and other native species, providing good shelter for recreation.

Facilities within the reserve include picnic tables, concrete fireplaces, toilets, a well and water supply.

Camping and Caretaker's Contact

Camping is permitted on the reserve, though stays are limited to four nights (plus statutory holidays).

For further information on the availability of camping, contact the caretaker Jenny on 027 288 3916.


A management plan was prepared for the reserve in 1988 , when the Department of Conservation administered the reserve. The plan proposed management of the reserve for recreation and enjoyment by the public, especially for its value as a picnicking and short-term camping area. Bylaws were included in the management plan to assist with enforcement of reserve policies.

Important management issues include the protection and enhancement of native vegetation remnants, enforcement of camping restrictions to prevent long-term camping, and the maintenance of sufficient areas for picnicking and day use.


The area was designated as a reserve in 1915 and held in trust as reserve land until 1960 when it transferred to the Crown. The reserve was then vested in the Tasman District Council in 1989.

The reserve is a strip of land bordered to the west by Cliff Road, to the north by a residential section, and to the west by the sea. An area of land bordering the reserve to the south contains the site of a Maori pa.