Mapua Recreation Reserve, Mapua

The reserve is located on Aranui road, Mapua. This large reserve covers almost four hectares and has hosted a variety of sports clubs and events over the years from pony club and soccer to car boot sales. 

Picture of Mapua Recreation Reserve, Mapua



Behind the courts and skatepark lies a large grass area that gets packed out with stalls and people each year for the famous Mapua Easter Fair. During winter it becomes the football field for local teams.


The Mapua Bowling Club is also now located on the Reserve, having shifted there in 2005. It was in fact a return home because the club had originally been located on the reserve up until 1933 when it moved away due to problems growing suitable turf to play on.

Records are a bit unclear on when the existing reserve was established but it was some time before 1948. The current recreation reserve was formed following a land swap with the first ever reserve in Mapua which was on the corner of Toru and Iwa Streets and was given by Mr. F. Ledger, who originally surveyed and set out the settlement of Mapua. But by 1948 it had been swapped for the land adjacent to the hall.

By 1950 the playing field area had been levelled and sown and the tennis courts were constructed with the help of a Ministry of Lands 300 pound grant.

In 1956 the children’s play area was developed and has been updated and well used since. In 1978 a further five acres was added to the reserve as a contribution from the developer of a residential subdivision, bringing the reserve to its current size.