Saxton Velodrome

Saxton Velodrome Celebration

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Saxton Velodrome celebration

  • Sunday 7 October, 10.00 am – 12.00 pm at Saxton Velodrome
  • Join us for a celebration of the new Saxton Velodrome. Spot prizes (including two children’s bikes up for grabs) and free bike maintenance checks.

Booking the track

Track booking information is currently written up on a white board on the wall of the underpass. At certain times the track or the learn to ride area may be booked for use.

General park guidelines and track guideline signage have been installed. Please read these before use.

The Velodrome will be run and managed by the Tasman District Council this will include all bookings and use of the Velodrome. Further information will follow in the coming weeks about this.


The design includes a 333m-long embanked track with a sealed surface width of 7m and banking ranging from 7 degrees to 21.3 degrees.

There's also an inner warm up track and learn to ride area. The inner area of the track is accessed by an underpass that leads the public under the main track.

The velodrome is a regional facility based on collaboration between Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council and the Saxton Velodrome Trust. It replaces the existing track at Trafalgar Park.

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Concept Drawing for Saxton Velodrome

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Advertising and Sponsorship

Advertising opportunities and Asset Sponsorship is currently available at the Saxton Velodrome.

This is administered by the Parks and Facilites Department. For more information please contact:

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