Shared Pathways

Our Region has several shared pathways designed to provide people who are walking and cycling with a safe motor vehicle-free environment. People have reported they are sometimes startled by other users when using shared pathways. Here are some ways you can help “Stop the Startle”.

"Stop the Startle"

Keep left

Keep to the left of the path at all times whether you are walking, running, cycling, scooting or skating. When passing others let them know you’re there, give them a wide berth, ensure you have enough space to complete the pass and return to the left.

Control your dog

Owners please keep your dog under control around other people (or dogs).

Move off the path when you stop

If you meet a friend on your journey or want to stop to enjoy the view or have a breather, please move off the path.

Control your speed

Ensure that other people’s safety is never compromised by the speed you are travelling. Cyclists who want/need to go fast are advised to ride on the road. Electric mobility scooter drives should keep their speed moderate and alert pedestrians as they approach.

Warn when approaching - be considerate

Be seen - ‘leave your invisibility cloak at home’.

It is essential that faster moving path users, such as cyclists and rollerbladers, warn pedestrians before overtaking them. Calling out “hello” or ‘passing’ or ringing a bell will alert slower path users they are about to be overtaken. Being startled by faster path users is one of the key issues affecting people's enjoyment of our shared paths.

Don’t block the pathways - they are not car parks

Drivers are asked not to park on pathways. Having to go round a parked car can create a hazard and, of course, path parkers can be fined or towed.