Animal Control

The Council provides animal control services and information to the Tasman District for urban and rural animal owners. This section provides an overview of animal and animal disease control regulations in the district.

Services include stock control, dog control, lost and found services, dog registration information, help with problem animals and dog education programmes. 

Lost or found a dog or stock? Please contact the Council, 03 543 8400.

Dog registration infomation

Dog Control

Find out about your responsibilities as a dog owner. Read about Council services including managing problem dogs, lost and found dogs and more.

Stock Control

Read about the landowner's responsibility to manage their stock and what to do if you find stock loose on a road.

Disease Control

Find out how to effectively manage dogs and stock to reduce the risk of diseases, and learn where to get more information.

Enforcement and Education

Control Services (Nelson) Ltd carries out Council's animal control enforcement responsibilities.

They also carry out education programmes in schools, businesses and community groups on bite prevention, animal welfare, dog control and hygiene. These programmes make Tasman District a safer place for dogs and people. Animal Control has a close working relationship with the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), local veterinarians and dog clubs, as well as the New Zealand Institute of Animal Control Officers.

Wandering Animals

Please report complaints about wandering stock and dogs direct to the Council in person or by calling Council's 24-hour phone service on 03 543 8400.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is the responsibility of the person caring for the animal. Providing exercise, nutrition and shelter for any animal is essential, and there are penalties if you fail to meet adequate standards for the welfare of your animals. 

Animal Welfare Practicesfrom the Ministry of Primary Industries.

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