Disease Control in Animals

This page explains how to effectively manage dogs and stock to reduce the risk of diseases, and where to get more information.

Hydatids Control

Hydatids is a disease that can affect humans, sheep and other animals, and is contracted from dogs. If the hydatid tapeworm is present in a dog's intestine, tapeworm ova are passed out in the faeces and may be ingested by humans or other animals. The ova develop large cysts in the organs,  and can cause severe illness or death.

Help Prevent Hydatids Infection

An important reminder to dog owners. Our country has been declared a "Controlled Area" to enable the limitation of the spread of true hydatids, therefore:

  • The slaughtering of cows, sheep, deer, goats and pigs must be carried out in an approved killing facility within a dog-proof enclosure.
  • The offal from these animals must not be fed to dogs unless it is first cooked by boiling it for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Keep dogs away from dead stock.

Sheep Measles

Dog owners are also reminded of the dangers of allowing untreated dogs onto properties where stock are normally grazed. Many dogs harbour sheep measles infection (tapeworms) and must be treated before being taken onto farmland.

Paratak and Paratak Plus worm tablets are available for purchase at all Council offices.

Further Information