Dog Control

This section explains your responsibilities as a dog owner in the Tasman District. It also outlines Council services, including managing problem dogs, and lost or found dogs.

Dog Registration

The Dog Control Act 1996 states every dog must be registered by the time it is three months of age. It is then the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that registration is renewed every year by 1 July. Dogs are required to wear their registration tags at all times.

Dog Microchipping

Find out about microchips for dogs and what you have to do.

Exercising Your Dog

There are many places within Tasman District to exercise your dog, both on and off the leash.

Legislation and Bylaws

This page outlines the rules and regulations relating to dogs for the Tasman District. It also lists dog control activity reports - which details public reporting on dog control in our district.

Lost or Found Animals

Council operates a Dog Shelter where lost or seized dogs are housed. If you have lost or found a dog, please contact Council immediately.

Problem Dogs

Dogs Available for Re-Homing

From time to time dogs re available for rehoming, and those deemed suitable are neutered/spayed and microchipped.

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