Microchipping Your Dog

Since 1 July 2006 all new puppies and dogs being registered for the first time in New Zealand must be microchipped within two months of when they are registered. Microchipping has proved very successful in tracing owners of lost dogs all around the country, providing Council has been given the microchip number to add to the National Dog Database.

Does My Dog Need to be Microchipped?

  • Farm dogs used solely or principally for herding and driving stock are the only dogs exempt from microchipping.
  • Dogs classified as dangerous or menacing from 1 July 2006 onwards must be microchipped within two months of being classified.
  • Any dog impounded on a second occasion must be microchipped before its release
  • Any unregistered dog that has been impounded must be microchipped before its release
  • Failure to microchip your dog if it falls into one of the microchipping categories could result in prosecution and a $3,000 fine.

Other Microchipping Information

Microchipping services are provided by Nelson SPCA and local vets and Control Services Nelson Ltd. A signed verification certificate is given to the dog owner which must be brought to Council as soon as possible so that our records and the National Dog Database can be updated.

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