Dog Registration

This page details how to register your dog each year, what to do if you own multiple dogs, and provides information on kennel licences.

How To Register Your Dog    

Annual registration fees are due by 30 June each year. Fees not paid by 31 July incur a 50% penalty fee.


If your details and your dog's details are the same as those provided on the Registration Application Form you have received, then you can pay by credit card or internet banking.

Credit Card

  • Make a Payment
  • Please provide your owner number (top right of the form).
  • Once the payment is processed, the tags will be posted to you.

Internet Banking

Once the payment is processed, the tags will be posted to you. Please use the following details with your payment:




Surname & Initials of Registered Dog Owner

The word “Dog Reg”

Dog Owner Number, Top right hand corner of Registration invoice.

 New Dog or Changed Details

If you have a new dog, or any registration details have changed, please complete the details on the Dog Registration Application Form and send the completed form to any Council office or email it to

You can still pay online. Once you receive your dog’s registration tag, your dog needs to wear this at all times. Collars may also be purchased at all Council offices.

Annual Dog Registration

A dog registration form is mailed to all owners of previously registered dogs at the beginning of June each year. If you do not receive a form, contact Dog Control.

Owning More Than Two Dogs

A Resource Consent is required in order to keep three or more dogs on a Residential Zoned property.

A Kennel Licence to keep three or more non-working dogs applies to properties under 1 hectare in non-residential zones. For properties over 1 hectare, a Kennel Licence is required for six or more non-working dogs.

For more information, contact any Council office or email Contact Dog Control.

Updating Your Details    

If you or your dog change address, or if your dog changes ownership, you need to advise Council in writing within 14 days. It is an offence, which carries a fine, if you do not notify these changes within 14 days. All other changes of details also need to be notified in writing.

Late Registration or Failing to Register your Dog    

Late Registration

Dog registrations that remain unpaid at 1 August will incur a 50% penalty fee.  Late registrations create additional administrative costs in reminders and postage as well as staff time. The implementation of a penalty encourages dog owners to register on time. 

Failing To Register Your Dog

Not registering your dog is an offence against the Dog Control Act 1996. If you do not register your dog an infringement notice may be issued, or your dog may be seized and impounded, or you as the owner may be prosecuted. Fees are incurred if an unregistered dog is seized, sustenance fees apply and your dog must be registered and microchipped prior to its release.

Late Penalty Fee Waiver Request

You can request a waiver for the late registration penalty fee. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Use the form below.

Dog Registration Refunds    

If your dog dies during the registration year, you are able to receive a refund of part of the registration fee, following a request made in writing. This is based on the number of complete months remaining in the registration year at the time of the written application. A refund application form is available below.

Registration tags are not transferable between dogs, and it is an offence to do so.

Refunds are not available if your dog changes ownership or you sign your dog over to an Animal Centre (e.g. SPCA).

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