Legislation and Bylaws

This page outlines the rules and regulations relating to dogs for the Tasman District. It also lists dog control activity reports - which details public reporting on dog control in our district.

There is both local and National legislation that relates to dog control. This legislation can be  viewed below. Council is responsible for producing a policy and bylaw on dogs. 

Report dangerous or roaming dogs

Any complaints regarding dangerous or roaming dogs,  or requests for information relating to the policy or bylaw should be made directly to Council, 03 543 8400.

National Legislation

Your Responsibilities as a Dog Owner in Tasman

All dogs within the District must be kept under effective control at all times, be registered and be properly cared for.

Dogs must be kept on a leash in, or adjacent to, all urban areas and also in the presence of protected wildlife. Dogs may run free in Dog Exercise Areas but must still be under the effective control of whoever is in charge of them.  There are specific areas where dogs are prohibited for part or all of the year.  Maps in the Dog Control Bylaw show all these areas. More information about exercising your dog can be found on this website or by contacting your local council office for full details and a copy of the Dog Walking Brochure. 

Dog Control Bylaw

The Dog Control Bylaw for Tasman District Council became effective from 12 September 2009. This Bylaw applies solely  to the Tasman District. Nothing in this Bylaw shall derogate from the Dog Control Act 1996 or its amendments.

Dog Control Activity Reports

The Dog Control Act requires Territorial Authorities to publicly report annually on its dog control policy and practices as outlined under Section 10a of the Dog Control Act 1996. This report contains information and statistics on Council’s dog control activity for the year 1 July to 30 June .

Dog Control Activity Report 2013-2014 Dog Control Activity Report 2014-2015 Dog Control Activity Report 2015-2016 Dog Control Activity Report 2016-2017 Dog Control Activity Report 2017-2018

The Council is responsible for all the administrative functions required under the Dog Control Act 1996 and the Dog Control Bylaw.

Policy On Dogs

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires Council to adopt a policy on dogs within its district, and review this policy regularly, so that the powers given to Council under the Dog Control Act 1996, are used effectively and form part of Council’s approach to the management of dogs.

Tasman District Council’s Policy on Dogs largely reflects existing practices and states how the community wishes to live with dogs, what needs to be done to achieve these objectives and what Council can do to ensure the community achieves those policies.

The Dog Control Amendment Acts 2003 and 2010

The Dog Control Amendment Act 2003 included the introduction of the "menacing dog" classification which places conditions upon dog owners who keep dogs who fall into this classification.

The Dog Control Amendment Act 2010 deals with classification of dogs deemed "dangerous".