Stock Control

This page outlines a landowner's responsiblities in controlling their livestock.  It also explains what a member of the public should do if they find stock loose on the road.

Wandering Stock

Landowners are responsible for controlling their livestock and preventing them from straying onto neighbouring properties or roadways.  Should stock be found on roadways they may be impounded by Council and the owner of the stock will be charged an impounding fee for their release.

For all complaints regarding stock breaking through fences or wandering on to public highways, please call Council on 03 543 8400.  Council provides a 24 hour response for these complaints and an officer will be sent to investigate the situation.

Stock Droving

The Council adopted a bylaw in 2005 with the objective of providing for the control and orderly droving of stock on all roads within the District. This bylaw is now expired and is scheduled for review.

For further information please contact Council's Compliance Officers on 03 543 8400.