Frequently-Asked Questions

Answers to frequently-asked questions. 

What is the Recovery Team? 

The Tasman District Recovery Team’s job is to restore as quickly as possible the quality of life of those affected, so that they are able to continue functioning as part of the wider community. In the medium to long term it is to seek the regeneration of the community by addressing the social, economic, natural and built environment effects of the emergency.

The Damage to My Property was Caused by Someone Else, Can I be Compensated? 

This is an individual property issue that should be dealt with by your insurance company in the first instance; legal advice may be required on a case by case basis.

Do I Need a Resource Consent to Do Work on My Property? 

This depends on the work required, contact a Council Consent Planner or email the Recovery Team for advice.

What Can I Do With Debris on My Property? 

If you want to, you can use it on your property away from streams and flood prone areas, provided it doesn’t cause an issue for your neighbours. Alternatively the old Rototoi landfill site is open for spoil and wood disposal. Other items such as refuse must be disposed of through normal channels.

I Want to Change or Restore a Watercourse on My Property, What Do I Need to Do? 

You may need to obtain a resource consent from Council so that we can identify any wider impacts of the proposed change and ensure no-one else will be affected by your modifications. Please contact a Council Consent Planner or email the Recovery Team for advice.