Fees & Charges

This section lists fees and charges for various Council services.


Note that the fees and charges contained in this Schedule may change during the year.

Building Control

Read a list of fees and charges for building-related work.

Camping Grounds

Fees for Collingwood Camping Ground.


Fees for plots and interment.

Commercial Operator’s Licence

Fees for commercial vessel operators.

Corporate Charges

Fees for maps, photocopying, laminating and binding as well as Official Information Requests.

Development Contributions

Details of development contribution fees and how they are calculated.

Dog Control

Registration fees, impound fees, kennel services and more.


Crossings, road access permits, parking. road closures and more.

Environmental Health

Food premises, stalls, hairdressers, health, traders, buskers and more.

Hall Hire

Food premises, stalls, hairdressers, health, traders, buskers and more.

Library Charges

Fees for loans, requests, reserves and overdue items.

LIM and Property Information

Fees for Land Information Memoranda or property information.

Motueka Aerodrome

Fees for the use of Motueka aerodrome by aircraft or special use of the facility.

Resource Management

Resource consent and resource management fees, such as consent applications, gravel extraction, coastal structures, water permit and effluent charges.

Sale of Alcohol Fees & Charges

Alcohol licensing, managers certificates, special licences and more.

Solid Waste

Disposal fees for solid and green waste material. metals, recyclables and hazardous waste.

Wastewater Connection

Wastewater connections, trade waste charges, and administration fees.

Water Connection

Water connection fees - urban and rural - and water supply charges.

Water Supply Rates

Water supply rates for metered and rural connections, as well as maintenance and capital charges.

Wharfage & Berthage

Fees for berthage, wharfage, storage and fuel facilities, includes new fees for Port Tarakohe.

About the Charges

 The Tasman District Council, acting under the Local Government Act 2002, prescribes the following charges. The charges shall come into force on 1 July 2014. The charges shall remain in force until amended by Council resolution, which may occur during the year, except for Solid Waste charges which can be amended by the Chief Executive under delegated authority. Some charges in this schedule are set by Government regulation and cannot be changed by Council.

Unless otherwise specified, the charges set out become due and payable on the 20th day of the month after the issue of an invoice.  Credit terms for commercial activities may vary from 20th of month following. Council reserves the right to pass on any additional charges where payments are accepted by credit card.

Council will be undertaking a review of its commercial activities including aerodromes. These reviews will be along the line of the review of Port Tarakohe. The emphasis will be on ensuring that these activities are financially self sustaining. This is likely to result in an increase in fees and charges as these businesses move to funding depreciation and any rates funding is removed. These reviews were not completed in time for the publishing of this Annual Plan 2014/2015. Any changes in fees and charges will not be levied retrospectively but may come into effect during the 2014/2015 year.