Building Consents Fees & Charges

This page includes fees for issue of consent, inspections and code compliance certificate.

All applications for building consent shall be accompanied by a deposit of $550.00 or the actual charge whichever is the lesser amount. The balance of any charge will be invoiced along with Territorial Authority Checking Fee (where Property Information Memorandum (PIM) not applied for), government and other levies when the consent is ready for issue. Where charges are listed as a deposit only, actual charges will invoiced on the basis of $150.00 per hour or part thereof unless advised otherwise. For Multiple unit projects and ‘Multi-proof’ consents, estimated costs will be advised before consent is issued.


Charges from 1 July 2017 incl GST

Residential Dwellings

New Dwellings:

Value up to $200,000


Value - $201,000 to $300,000 $3,700.00
Value - $300,001 to $499,999 $4,500.00
* For new dwellings valued $500,000 or more, please refer to Building work valued $500,000 or more section  
Relocated Dwelling


Proprietary kitset buildings involving no more than two inspections

(i.e. carports, kitset garages and outbuildings)

Minor Consents involving one inspection

(e.g. log burners, solar heating panels, wetback connections and building work under the value of $5,500)

Additional fees (per inspection) will be charged if additional inspections are required




Marquee >100m2


On site wastewater installation only building consent
All Other Building Work. (Excluding Commercial)


$2,001 to $5,000 $500.00
$5,001 to $10,000


$10,001 to $19,999 $1,650.00
$20,000 to $49,999 $1,950.00
$50,000 to $99,999 $2,900.00
$100,000 to $249,999 $3,250.00
$250,000 to $499,999 $4,000.00
Commercial Building Work

(buildings requiring assessment in terms of accessibility, fire safety and those buildings accessible to the public)


$2,001 to $19,999


$20,000 to $49,999 $2,500.00
$50,000 to $99,999 $2,870.00
$100,000 to $299,999 $3,770.00
$300,000 to $499,999 $6,000.00
Building Work valued $500,000 or more:


$500,000 to $999,999


$1,000,000 to $3,999,999 $7,500.00 Deposit
$4,000,000 and not elsewhere covered $9,000.00 Deposit

Amended plans

Minor Amendment Processing

$150.00 per hour or part thereof
Formal Amendments after consent granted and before CCC. Related charges may apply eg PIM rechecking, inspections
$250.00 Deposit
* Note: It is Council policy to apply a standard charge as above, however, it reserves the right to assess individual cases as required. Additional charges may be requested by virtue of Section 219(2) of the Building Act 2004 if costs incurred exceed the standard charge. Applications that require consultation with New Zealand Fire Service or Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga will have costs recovered.  Review of engineer design buildings by consultant will be charged at cost.  
Associated Building Costs (GST inclusive)
< $20,000 assessed value Nil
> $20,000 assessed value $1/$1,000 value of project
< $20,000 assessed value Nil
> $20,000 assessed value $2.01/$1,000 value of project
Building Consent Authority Accreditation Fee (per consent)
Go Shift Administration Surcharge
Project Information Memoranda (PIM)

New construction, additions/alterations

Territorial Authority Checking Fee (TAN)

(not applicable if PIM applied for at the same time as building consent)

PIM/TAN Rechecking fee
Building Certificates required under other legislation (e.g. Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012)

Plus inspection charge (if required)



Building Warrant of Fitness

Inspections deposit if required



Compliance Schedule

New application, whether or not associated with Building Consent

 $400.00 Deposit

Compliance Schedule Amendments

$250.00 Deposit

Plus recovery of costs at $150.00 per hour for time spent in excess of 3 hours

Swimming Pool Registration Fee - includes an inspection fee


Notice to fix issue and administration (each)
Where consent held $170.00

Where no consent is held



Plus recovery of charges at $150.00 per hour for investigation and monitoring of notices under the Building Act 2004.

Building Act 2004 Infringement Notice issue and administration



Plus recovery of charges at $150.00 per hour for investigation and monitoring of notices under the Building Act 2004.

Building Code Waivers

Including Section 72, Section 75 decision, plus legal disbursements


$250.00 Deposit 

Application for Certificate of Acceptance
Application for Certificate of Acceptance (Section 97 of the Building Act 2004) has a $800.00 deposit fee.  Applicants will be charged a $300.00 application fee, plus fees, charges or levies that would have been payable had building consent been applied for before carrying out the work.  Any structural checks or other engineering checks, where appropriate will be charged out at cost.  The deposit will be a down-payment towards these costs.

 $800.00 Deposit 

Re-inspection for any purpose including Code Compliance Certificate (per inspection)
Building Act Schedule 1(2) - Exempt work


Lodgement of unauthorised building report  (pre Building Act work only, pre June 1991)
Lodgement of Building Act Schedule 1 - Exempt work reports with owner's declarations
Refuse, Lapse and Cancellation of building consent administration
Work start extension request 
Work completion extension request
Documents requiring Council resolution, certification or Council seal

Plus actual cost (over 30 minutes) and any legal disbursements


$150.00 per hour

Certificate of Public Use – Section 363A Building Act 2004
Dam classification application plus consultant costs


Plus any consultant costs and staff time at $150.00 per hour or part there of.

Monthly Building Consent list
$250.00 pa
Application fee for Alternative Solutions Assessment
$495.00 Deposit 

Specific design peer reviews


At cost

Development and Financial Contributions on Building Development  

Development and Financial Contributions may be payable in accordance with the Policy created under the Local Government Act 2002. Please refer to the Council's Schedule of Charges.


Wastewater Fees

Please note that in areas which have reticulated sewerage systems, there are service connection fees payable when a building is constructed and connected to the system. These fees will be invoiced independently of the Building Consent by the Engineering Department. Please refer to the Council's Schedule of Charges.


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