Engineering Fees & Charges


Charges from 1 July 2018 incl GST

Staff time for inspection (including subdivision inspections), engineering and as-built plan processing, or administration.


Fencing between private and Tasman District Council owned land excluding roads subject to a case by case basis

Half actual cost per linear metre or $56.00/metre whichever is the lower
Transport Network Charges

Vehicle Access Crossing

Corridor Access Request (CAR)

in accordance with the Utilities Access Act 2010 and as part of a Code for the Management of a Road Corridor



Parking Permit

Tourist Facility Sign

Application for Tourist Facility Sign ($100 refunded if consent refused)


plus actual sign materials and installation costs 

Road Closure

(events, parades)

$374.00 application fee

plus actual staff costs and expenses. $2,000.00 refundable deposit. Insurance and public liability cover 

Application for a road name change
Application for a "Rapid" number (rural property number)
Applications for road stopping (S.342 Local Government Act) (S.116 Public Works Act)

$300.00 application fee

plus actual staff costs and expenses.